San Luis Río Colorado, Mexico - Border Fence

San Luis Border Fence

These are the travelers. The companions. People who come from different geographic spots and have different life stories and experiences. But that come together to have one experience, and to create a new story…

Participating Theater Groups:

Traveling Artists:

Bonifaz Díaz
Cofounder of Artzénico. Works in several NGO’s that focus on social, artistic and educational goals. He acts, dj’s and is a cultural manager. He was born in Chiquimula, Guatemala, but grew up in Quetzaltenango, where he still lives. He has been around the globe, and wishes to travel much more; Bonifaz considers himself to be a world citizen.

Bonifaz traveled from Quetzaltenango to New Orleans

Jordi Möllering
Cofounder of Artzénico. Graduated from the Amsterdam Theater School. Director, teacher and actor. He is from Nijmegen, the Netherlands and has the dream of making theater in the country that has become his second, or first home: Guatemala. He has periodically lived in Guatemala since 2003 and feels like a permanent migrant.

Jordi traveled from Quetzaltenango to New Orleans

Guillermo Santillana
Director of Armadillo. Cultural manager, puppeteer, actor and director. He was born in Totonicapán, Guatemala. His work starts in 1995 in Quetzaltenango. Since then he was won many prizes with his puppet theater and has been invited to perform in several Latin American countries, France and the Netherlands. Guillermo wants to keep learning from the world.

Guillermo traveled from Quetzaltenango to Saltillo

Special traveler:

jorgeJorge Díaz
Guatemalan, resident of Chiapas, Mexico. He was a migrant in the U.S. Jorge is Bonifaz’s brother and accompanied the travelers in his pick-up truck. He participated actively in the project, with light and sound, acting and logistics.

Jorge traveled from Ciudad Hidalgo to Mexico City



Support Team:

Rachel Carrico
Cofounder of Goat in the Road. Choreografer, actress, director and teacher. Se has worked on the intersection of art and social justice. At the moment Rachel is a Ph.D. student in the Critical Dance Studies department of Riverside University in California. She was part of the birth of this project, and will now be accompanying Artzénico and Armadillo for the end.

Rachel is the U.S. Coordinator of the project and accompanied the travelers in California.

Azu Romá

Azu Romá
Artist and graphic designer, her parents moved to New Orleans from Guatemala over 30 years ago. Azu’s work focuses on reinventing and inspiring a traditional Guatemalan street art process by creating “Alfombras de Aserrín” (carpets made with sawdust). Her interest in this project lies in sharing the realties of the migrant experience at a time where immigration policies have been pushed to the forefront.

Azu will ccompanied the travelers in New Orleans, supporting in many ways.

Dominique Aulisio
Has worked on the migration theme as an activist in different countries, focussed on agriculture and day laborers. She is interested in learning about the impact of art within these social themes.

Dominique accompanied the travelers in New Orleans, supporting in many ways


2 responses to “Participants

  1. lots of succes in New Orleans!
    I am reading your blog, its really very interesting and hardwarming to see how you succeed in letting the migrants be a part of your project!

    Inge de Meijer

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