Border Fence, Tijuana, Mexico

Border Fence, Tijuana, Mexico

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Irse hacia el norte (Going Northbound) is a theater project about migration. Four legal travelers from different countries of origin shared a route with migrants without documentation.

The Idea
Three Theater Artists and special traveler Jorge Díaz started their journey from the west of Guatemala, towards the Mexican border of Ciudad Juárez, there only two artists could continue traveling on to the US due to visa regulations. Later on other members of the project joined in.

The artists stopped at migrant shelters, spending time with migrants and giving theater workshops. As the play “Irse” was being performed it transformed with every travel experience, with every person met. The play itself became a migrant.

At the end of our journey this transformed piece, based on previous investigation and a real experience was shared with the audience of the New Orleans Fringe Festival. After this the play will be toured through Guatemala and elsewhere.

The project gives attention to the phenomenon of migration, portraying different sides of this social problem focusing on the human beings. Also, the project is a tribute to the people that voluntarily give their time and do everything possible to help the migrants passing through their cities.

In scientific reasearch it is necessary to provide proof, in economics it is necessary to quantify. Theatrical investigation or research starts with the basic idea that there is not only one truth. This investigation deepens the human side of this social problematic.

The participants of “Irse hacia el Norte” made their journey a practice of new models of artistic sustainability. The most powerful tool of this new tactic is bartering. There was an exchange of theatre performances for food, bus passes for publicity, etc. Also friends and family contributed to the project, as well as some organizations and universities.

What’s next?
We feel the trip has just begun. At the moment we are working on a new version of the project in Africa and Europe. Have a look at our website clicking HERE.


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