The members of theater group Artzénico traveled to New Orleans in July 2011 to conduct a residency with Goat in the Road Productions. This residency was financed by the Performing Americas Program from the National Performance Network, and supported by various other institutions.

The residency was concluded by a collaborive work in progress called Fronteras in the Shadowbox theater. The work was received with enthusiasm by the local audience. This performance was the start of the theatrical investigation on borders and migration.

Fronteras by Artzénico and GRP

Fronteras by Artzénico and GRP

During this residency Artzénico also shared theater workshops with members from the local Latin Community with folkloric dance group NOHA, and with children at the Emeril Lagasse Foundation Summer Camp. These experiences were enriching for the theatrical research, but also in our development as artists, persons and citizens of the world.

Work continues at the end of 2011 in Guatemala, in cooperation with Guillermo Santillana from puppet theater group Armadillo. This cooperation leads to two theatrical experiments that around the theme of migration that are presented in the Quetzaltenango theater festival Gran Teatrito. This time the investigation focuses on nationalism, cultural identity and bureaucracy.

In May 2012 all this material was united in the play Irse and presented in Guatemala and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In this project the piece was from Guatemala, throughout Mexico to the United States, on migrant routes. Unifying the content of the play with real experience. Making it transform once more…


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