San Luis Río Colorado border fence

San Luis Río Colorado border fence







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2 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi,
    My name is Alessandra Ogren. I run a theatre in New Mexico, and would be very interested in you all performing your work here is that on your route?
    Also I am co-directing a new piece for my theatre company that is also exploring issues of Migration. I am very interested in your work, and would love to be part of this artistic conversation. As artists that live in NM we see immigration as a critical issue of our times, and its inspiring to see other artists talking on an artistic response to this important issue.
    Our website is and my theatre space is
    I would be interested in finding ways to connect and collaborate.

    • Hello Alessandra,
      Thank you so much for your mail and for be interested in our project.
      Unfortunately we won’t be able to go to New Mexico, because we’re already very busy.
      But with don’t I mean; not right now, because maybe in the future. We have received some invitations to other places in the States, so maybe we could combine that. It would be great to see you, and also share about our work, and I am curious to see how you work with the migration theme.
      I would love to be in touch!
      The peñasco Theatre website looks great, the other one doesn’t work. Maybe we should get in touch via email to share information, contacts and thoughts.
      Thanks again for writing, and…

      Hasta Pronto,

      Los viajeros

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