Tomorrow last performance at the New Orleans Fringe!

We already presented three times at the Fringe Festival.

The first night the performance was still very fragile, but it was good, there were some strong emotional reactions and we had some good talks with the audience afterward. The second night everything came together… we had one person leaving the room, for those who haven’t seen the play I won’t tell why, but the fortunate thing is that we met her afterwards and we got to talk about why she left, and she was sorry she had left because she missed something pretty interesting. Tonight, just as I had talked to Bonifaz about wanting to present the play for people that do not necessarily agree with what “we” think we had two audience members participate in the play.

How… I won’t tell. In case you haven’t seen it and have the chance to see it. The images have become stronger over the three performances and so has the conversation between Artzénico, invited cast and audience.

If you have a chance, if you’re in New Orleans, come and see for yourself tomorrow night (Sunday) at 9pm at the Old Firehouse on the Mandeville Street.

We will be posting soon after ending the intense days of performing.

We are grateful to Ryan and Will for housing us and for arranging a lot of things for us. We are grateful to Dominique, who has been supporting us these days, also to Azú. We thank Anthony for his great work on the sound. We thank the Stone Center for their support, we thank the Fringe Festival. We thank everyone that has come out to see our performance.

And we share a picture of the tech rehearsal at the Old Firehouse:



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