How many migrants have we met along the road? Since we left Guatemala we have been in different places: shelters, train stations, under a bridge, etc.
In the workshops alone we have been fortunate enough to work with about a hundred people, but we’ve met hundreds in all the places we’ve traveled.
In Coatzacoalcos, under the bridge of Avenida 1, there were more than 300 people waiting for the train to depart. In the workshop, about 50 people participated and out of those 50 people, four decided to act with us under the bridge. This play has been one of the most succesfull events artistically, but also in “togetherness” and personal experience so far.
Out of the 6 people that acted with us in Coatzacoalcos, 4 were migrants and 2 from Coatzacoalcos.

Press here for an article in the local newspaper.

After this experience, in Huehuetoca, a town north of Mexico City in Estado de México, we met our Central American friends (from Coatzacoalcos) again and other people we will never forget as well. This surprise encounter filled us with new energy.
After Huehuetoca we went to Mexico City to prepare the play to be presented at the Universidad Iberoamericana. This play was beneficial in many ways. It was a presentation followed by a lot of reflections and dialogue. We learned a lot; especially in recognizing other viewpoints and in criticizing our own work.

After this pleasant experience we used the little time left to spend some time with our invited actors. Thanks to the university, our guests were able to stay with us in the hotel as well.
The learning process has been very rich and profound. We have all been learning different things in different ways.

But it hasn’t been easy. We have had some conflicts; since we all have different ways and forms of thinking and acting, and different ideas.
In the end these differences take us to a good balance, beneficial to the project as a whole; good for the play, and good for each of us. The presentation in Guadalajara reflects this; we were lucky enough to act with very motivated, sensitive and willing people. Also, because they have experience and knowledge regarding the migration phenomenon, they were able to convert their perspectives into acting, adding a special touch and quality to the play.

Laboratorio Sensorial (where we performed):

For the first time we performed in an ideal space, without limitations and the people that worked there were willing to do anything to make the play better.
We shared the stage with Raíces Danza Contemporánea, a local modern dance group. The event was organized by FM4 Paso Libre; they received and treated us very well.
The mix of theater and dance both reflecting on the theme of migrations was interesting and inspiring.

Our experience and stay in this very welcoming city has been so pleasant that we decided to stay another day before taking the ten hour trip to our next destination: Saltillo.
Hoping to contribute, learn, establish dialogues with our next hosts we are now packing our bags, and will travel once more.

The challenges in this trip are many and are all different. From the demands of our own work to what we ask from our collaborators (guest actors). Little by little we have started to find a balance, strengthening the harmony in our group, trying to utilize the places, resources and time we have in the best possible way. We will all meet new challenges and will learn new things, I (Bonifaz) personally think the success of our work is thanks to this delicate balance.

Luz para el camino.


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