Tecún Umán and the arrival at Tapachula, Mexico

The trip has started. After the artistic trip in the play that we presented in Quetzaltenango, in which both the audience and us experienced a moment of being together; strange, unique, beautiful, scary… Thank you!


The day after Bonifaz and Jordi leave towards Tecún Umán. Guillermo will join us tomorrow. Our great friends Juan Pablo, Carlos and Oihane accompany us in a car. Thanks for making this first trip comfortable and enjoyable…


In Tecún Umán, we stay in a hotel with other people that have the idea of going to Mexico next day. In the park the national anthem of Guatemala is being sung, it seems like an echo of last night (the play), on the other side, we see Mexico.


In the morning we do a workshop with migrants in “Casa del Migrante”. It was our first test; we decided to do different types of exercises to try out what works and what doesn’t. The participants, although they felt a bit strange in the beginning, joined us with enthusiasm and dedication. It was very special to get to know them, some dissappointed because they are about to go back home, others with a lot of hope, with the idea of going northbound.


After, we cross the border, the bridge. Under us the boats that illegally cross all the time, us, on the bridge, sweating, carrying our theater stuff. At the other side: soldiers, customs and migration officers asking us about our motives, our nationalities, our destiny.

Jorge, Bonifaz’s brother, waits for us in his car on the other side. We go to Tapachula, where tomorrow our traveling team will be completed when Guillermo arrives. In Tapachula today we had a meeting at the human rights center “Fray Matías”, to exchange ideas and knowledge and to talk about possible cooperations in the future.


Tomorrow we will visit the shelter “Jesus el Buen Pastos”, for disabled migrants, we will conduct a workshop with local people from Tapachula, who will also be participating in the play at Alianza Francesa Wednesday night. Thanks to Alianza Francesa Tapachula, and specifically to Jerome for receiving us!


!More news soon!


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