Presentation in Xela – Changes – Donations


Ladies and Gentlemen, dear visitors, fans, friends,


We hereby present the latest news of Irse Hacia el Norte  (Going Northbound)

Guillermo and Jordi open the doors to the “machine room”, the first place to present the play Irse within this project.

Guillermo and Jordi open the doors to the “machine room”, the first place to present the play Irse within this project.





Presentation in Quetzaltenango; first adaptation of the play – How the play will be developed – Next presentations and workshops


Next Saturday the play Irse will be presented at the Centro Intercultural, 4a Calle, zona 3, Quetzaltenango. It will be a special presentation, very different to earlier versions of Irse. It will be the first adaptation of many to be made in the future, along the trip to the north. It will be a first exercise to feel that artistic liberty; of changing, erasing, drawing again and again. But also a way to feel the responsibility of presenting something that makes sense within its context, a play (or maybe in this case; an installation) that is in dialogue with its audience, and… with the place it is presented at.



That is something we plan todo along the way; to be honest to ourselves, our audiences and participantes; this way the play won’t be static, but flexible, constantly moving; literally a migrating play.



In our travel from Xela to New Orleans, we will be conducting workshops with migrants, and other people involved in the migrant theme. The goal of these workshops is to talk about the theme of migration through art; art is also a tool in this situation, a tool to liberation, and a profound dialogue between people.



The majority of these workshops will also have the goal of preparing the participants to play a role in the play. Migrants, students, activists and local inhabitants will be a part of the theatrical experience; will have their place, their meaning, and will cause the play to be unique every time.



After the presentation in Xela (Quetzaltenango) we will conduct a workshop in Tecún Umán. Our next presentation will be at Alianza Francesa in Tapachula, Mexico, the 26th of September.



Changes in the team – Changes in the itinerary


In the past couple of weeks there have been important changes in the traveling team and the itinerary. Both Carlos Valdez and Corina Robles have decided that they will not be able to realize the complete trip, because of personal reasons and their work situation. Their participation in the project will therefore be reduced to intensive participation in their own region of residence (Quetzaltenango and Tijuana)



Fortunately we are also welcoming a new participant. His name is Jorge Díaz, he is Bonifaz’s brother. He is a Guatemalan, resident of the border region of Chiapas, Mexico, that has already traveled to the north in the past (as a migrant). He will be accompanying the travelers to Mexico City, driving his car, and he will be the only traveler, that has migrated before. That will be enriching.



Because of practical reasons some dates in our itinerary have moved slightly. The most important change is the omission of Nuevo Laredo and Ciudad Acuña. We had to make this change, because the partnerships in this regions and proposals weren’t concrete enough. At the same time, this “detour” on our way to Ciudad Juárez implicated a lot of extra travel expenses, that we weren’t able to cover.


Donations and budget: Last Chance to Donate!


We have made the goal of our Indiegogo Campagin! And we are so happy about it… We still have 4 days in this campaign. We thank everyone for donating in these last few days; although we made our goal, there are still some expenses that have not been covered. We hope to do so along the road, selling bags, stickers and our play.


Any extra donation you can make, helps us focus more on our artistic and social work, and means we don’t have to focus on selling stuff!



Visite our campaign at Indiegogo:



That was it, dear friends. This will be the last Blog entry before we GO NORTHBOUND. Please stay up to date through the blog If you want to receive our mails with up to date travel info and photos, please sign up by sending a message to, or sign up for blog updates at the blog.






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